Jackson Brougher

Get insanely good at living life

First WOD

'Mini Cindy' – for 10 minutes, leaving him flat on his back gasping for air.

Favourite Gear



Between the wish and the thing, the world lies waiting

  • Awesome personality
  • Crossfit Level 1

Jackson, our resident Texan, first started CrossFitting when his friend opened up an affiliate in his garage in Austin in 200X. He'd recently stopped playing American football, so this was the ideal way to keep up his strength and conditioning training.

Jackson enjoyed working hard and seeing the results it brought and soon decided he wanted to help others achieve the same feeling.

Studying Biomedical Science at Aberdeen University, Jackson has been with us at CFA since October 2012 and deems CFA his "home away from home".  He remains the only student we have ever known who is eager to get up every day at 5am to come to the gym! Y’all are gonna love his Texan charm … (and occasional cheek ;) )

Jackson's first ever WoD was 'mini Cindy' – for 10 minutes, leaving him flat on his back gasping for air... The exact effect as intended by Greg Glassman when the idea was conceived!

Crossfit Aberdeen

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